Cabinet Refinishing

What we offer

Are your cabinets looking drab and outdated? In place of replacing or refacing your cabinets, having your cabinets refinished by a professional painting company is a much more affordable alternative.

Scuffed, scratched, faded, scraped, or just downright unattractive, there are many reasons to upgrade your home’s cabinets. Aside from increasing your home’s value, improving the condition of your cabinetry can dramatically transform a room. Refinishing also improves their quality, often restoring them to their original condition. 

Why hire a professional to refinish your cabinets instead of going the DIY route? Very common DIY refinishing blunders such as drips and pinhole bubbles are hard to avoid if you’re not an experienced painter. Skip the hassle of going it alone and let our skilled painters take your cabinets from dreary to beautiful. 

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